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Maryland Seal of Biliteracy legislation that passed the General Assembly in 2016.
That legislation provides a real and meaningful way to honor and recognize Maryland students who graduate from our high schools truly bilingual (or tri-lingual, or multi-lingual). A seal is affixed to the student’s diploma, and their official MCPS transcript reflects that they have achieved bilingual certification, identifying the languages in which they are fluent.
Here is an article from last June in the Washington Post about this important recognition – 2017 graduates were the first to whom the Seal was available, and in 2017 MCPS graduated 87% of those students receiving the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy:
Here’s a statement from MCPS superintendent Jack Smith after MCPS graduated its first Seal of Biliteracy recipients:
Here’s an FAQ about the Seal of Biliteracy from the Maryland State Dept. of Education (MSDE):
And here is a link to MSDE’s Seal of Biliteracy website:
IMPORTANT – please note that a student can be certified as language proficient in languages not taught in MCPS, and the seal is also available to students proficient in sign language.The legislation, and MSDE implementing regulations, providing MANY options for certifying a student’s language fluency – not just school-based assessments like AP and IB exams.


Mental Health Resources
EveryMind, the mental health nonprofit that works closely with the MCPS, runs the MoCo’s suicide prevention hotline and has reported a significant increase in the number of calls they are getting, up from 80+ to 130+ from October to November this year. They can take calls, texts, and emails.
This video from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide is called Not My Kid:
The organization has more resources at:
Five signs:
Web-based hotline:

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