Committee Chairs

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5th Gr Mixer OPEN  
5th Gr Mixer OPEN  
8th Gr Breakfast OPEN  
8th Gr Breakfast (7th Gr Parent) OPEN  
Color Run OPEN  
Color Run OPEN  
Community Sale Lead OPEN  
Community Sale Bake Sale/Food sales Melissa Hilton
Cookies and Conversation Lisa Shulman
Correspondence/Social Media Hillary Coggeshall
Correspondence/Social Media Kelly Wyatt
Dining for Dollars OPEN  
Discount Card Obami Wray
Halloween Party Kimberly Calhoun
Halloween Party Tracey Price
Halloween Party Tomeka Wray
Halloween Party Merly Rosales
Halloween Party Karen Johnson  
Halloween Party OPEN  
Holiday Vendor Night Tracey Price
Holiday Vendor Night Tomeka Wray
Holiday Vendor Night Bake Sale Melissa Hilton
Kingsview’s Got Talent Sarah Kessler
Kingsview’s Got Talent Courtney Flaherty
Kingsview’s Got Talent Audio/Visual NW Drama Club  
Kingsview’s Got Talent Food Sales OPEN  
MCPS Delegate Obami Wray
MCPS Delegate Alida Kodjanian
MCPS NW Cluster Rep Sarah Kessler
Membership Dawn Mitchum
Membership Melinda Tidballs
Nominating Committee  Tomeka Wray
Nominating Committee MES OPEN  
Nominating Committee RMES Susanne Goldberg
Scholastic Book Fair Merly Rosales
Scholastic Book Fair Tracey Price
Social Action Shaina Stark
Spirit Wear Tomeka Wray
Staff Appreciation/Hospitality OPEN  
Staff Appreciation/Hospitality OPEN  
Student Directory Karen Johnson

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